Learning Language

Language learning is related to memory.   So once you start learning language you realise that you need to learn a huge amount of new words.   So here are some methods people use.


Some people put new words in various groups.   They design group titles in categories that make sense to them.  For example words for the kitchen, or words for action, or words for explaining.  The title of your group can be anything and then you have the words and examples of how those words work.   Grouping is a very useful way for language learning.




This picture is camping in Algonquin park.  A canoe and the lake.

Make your own language book

Many language learners make language books that work for them.  They use these books to constantly expand their vocabulary and also to review new words.  The advantage of making your own book is that you have designed a book which is useful for exactly you.   These kinds of language learning books are much better than books which you buy at the store because those books are not written for you.  They are very general and contain a lot of stuff which you don’t need.

So two ways of language learning are called grouping and also making your own language book.


The thing is …

There are various ways of explaining yourself.   Here are a few.  You could say

The thing is…

What it is, is…

So what happened was…

If you say the thing is you are explaining the situation.  You are explaining what happened that made you say that, or do that.

Similarly with what it is and what happened was.  Although with what happened was…, you could also be using that phrase to tell a part of a story.

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Have Fun Learn English

Have Fun Learn English started in Japan and is still running in Toronto, Canada.  We teach students from beginner to advanced and business English classes.   We are downtown Toronto, Canada at the College Subway station.

The beauty of studying at Have Fun Learn English is that we are conveniently located super close to the subway.  And also we are very experienced English teachers.